Friday, 20 January 2017

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You Are What You Are! Know the You within U!! Love the real You....

If you want to know the real you, you need to take few past life regression sessions. Often we take decisions that are practical, logical but they still don't feel right, for that you need to know yourself, You need to know the you within You, it is through living from the across the time and space... that you will find WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
When we live true to our nature , life supports us and we create success effortlessly aligned and in balance with our purpose and path. We take decisions that not only feel right but give us the best results too, the biggest shift of all is the realization that LIFE IS NOT HAPPENING TO YOU but FOR YOU.
Everything you need , you can create and have from within your heart.the heart knows how to give you everything without causing pain or harm to anyone or anything in the universe.      
                 You need to know that you are exactly who you need to be at this moment, right here & now, accept that you are enough, more than enough, that you are already WHOLE, COMPLETE & PERFECT....believe that!                                                                                                                                                           Believe that there is only one person powerful enough to stop you & there is only one person enough to set you free, YOU! You are so much more than you think you are, there is such a larger you to emerge..... tap into it, say "YES" to it and let it out. This is possible if you understand your purpose of life and soul journey....                                                                
  Whatever you do you know, and absolutely trust without anyone else needing to affirm - that is good & creative and powerful and important about you. Know that the quality of your movement is a manifestation of the workings of your brain, which determines the quality and vitality of your life.                                                                                      
   You need to understand and realise that when genuine love and genuine self respect is present within you, you attract love and respect from others too....You then don't have to force people to love you, you don't have to keep proving yourself, you don't have worry that your true worth would not be recognised. You can then set yourself free and let go !
To Know Yourself Past Life Regression Helps...   

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

"Sex is natural..Sex is Divine.When you talk about Sex , you talk about Sexual energy.Your energy must be compatible with that of your partner, recognize the Divinity in your beloved! Sexual union with the right Spiritual Attitude towards your beloved . Sex energy is like spiritual fuel. When sex energy is regulated & transmuted. it can lead to Oneness. Sex energy can be transmuted into love and mercy, greater intelligence and into spiritual energy. The key is to transmute this energy and not to suppress it. When sex energy is transmuted to upper chakras it gets transmuted to love, kindness, intelligence and divining Oneness. You need to be careful in choosing your partner, do not "touch" the partner of someone else, or have multiple partners, this is very injurious to the Soul and your sexual energy.There is nothing wrong with desire but do not be enslaved by it. Many times one can feel very confused about sexual identity of own.Many time person suffer from eractil dis function, decreased libido in women, too much sexual craving, disliking for sex , and very much confused about even being a homosexual...Some time person feels sexually attracted or dreams comes as if having sex with the person , who is very much respected and to be regarded asSacred. . All of these things may be related with your past life....If you take a past life regression session to know the root cause, it will helps in releasing tons of load from your mind, heart and life.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dog Phobia and Head Injuries (A single Past Life Regression Session) Subject: 17 year old boy, dog phobia since childhood, history of convulsions from birth to 3 year of age. MRI and EEG report normal still had anti-epileptic treatment for it till age of 3 year. Headache often on till now. Particular disliking for some ethnic group. Doesn’t like taking stress. Involuntarily stretching of Jaw since 2002(after some seeing odd behavior of father in a social event after having liquor) Medical History: Re-current throat and chest infection. Needs medical treatment. Crackling in both the knees. Session: Screening: Red spots on the knees released very easily. Dirty yellow patch in the throat area. Divine light helped in releasing. Regression: Subject: I am a boy 10 years of age running in a street. Riots taking place. A mob is running. I fell and hit my head and injured my chest. I am in Hospital. Dr.VSR - Move ahead to some important event. Subject: I am walking and a dog suddenly bites me. Feeling agony and pain. Dr. VSR – Go backwards (Healing Done) Now move ahead to your adult life. Subject: I am working too hard and I think I lost my parents. I work and study. Dr. VSR – Go ahead 5 years into your life. Subject: I am a doctor. I am in a hospital and I am very popular. Now I am married. Dr. VSR – Go to the important event which relates with present life. Subject: I am having fever and chest infection. I am coughing. I am dying due to this problem. I am sad. My wife and son are alone now. Dr. VSR – Move ahead. What’s happening after your death? Subject: I am a light going up. Now I am in a very big white light. Its’ very peaceful and pleasant here. I am allowed to stay here for a longer time. Dr. VSR – Now time is to come back. And now go to the root cause of important present life issue which needs healing. Silence…………………… (Pause) ……………… Subject: I am very small baby boy. I took birth in Australia. My father holding me in his arms accidentally I slip and I fell from the stairs onto the floor. My head hits the floor and I am dead. Dr. VSR – Now see what is happening with you Subject: I am going up into the same white light and rested there only for 8 days. Dr. VSR – Why 8 days only? Subject: I had to live my life. Dr. VSR – Ok. Now where are you? Subject: I am in my present father’s arms. I am a new born baby boy. Re-Orientation: 1) He felt something moving out from knees and throat. 2) Subject smiled and looked at me. He seems to have enjoyed the session. Histories of convulsions in childhood (with normal MRI and EEG) maybe result of head injuries in both past lives. Advised: 1) Watch for the reaction with dogs. 2) Watch for the knee pain 3) Watch for the throat and chest infection 4) Come for consultation after 1 and a half month for review. Follow UP: (After 45 days) 1) Dog phobia stopped within a week completely. 2) No treatment required for chest and throat after regression session. 3) Crackling sound of knees reduced by 80%. 4) Have become very responsible