Saturday, 24 September 2016

There are no true right or wrong decisions. All decisions contribute to your development & are an integral part of your evolving existence .Keep on learning from your mistake and keep on evolving in your Soul Journey...

Past life regression session story...

Past life regression …single session…she experienced two lives in single session….
Life as ….Dr. Christopher Ben:
I was a tall man, wearing brown coat and brown horseriding trousers, i was waiting for a woman in a beautiful garden. She was a girl i loved, from the middle east, we talked and held hand and she promised that she would be back, but something deep inside told me i am not gonna see her again.
I was in USA, from a very well to do family, I was a doctor , very learned but later i realized i was a Doctor in Law. I lived in a beautiful mansion type home , it was white with long pillars...I somehow always liked such houses even in my present life. We had horses, and many people who helped us to take care of our property.
At home i saw my mother whom till date i have not recognized, two children ..........I knew these children were of my brother and his wife who lived in the same house. After that i cld not see anything for a while and then i saw a supper scene where no one wld talk to each other at supper and later i was in my room , lying on bed and waiting for the next day.
When moved to next day, i realized it was my wedding day , i was getting ready and waiting for my bride, who never turned up and instead police was looking for me, with the help of my brother i ran away from there and was hiding in a place which was like a vacation place or farm house for 3-4 months and later i went and surrundered to police. I was jailed .................when i was asked to go back and see the cause of my imprisonment i saw that teh girl i loved was boarding her ship to go to her home in middle east and her cousin who loved her , he had an argument about me with her, and he killed her and threw her in the sea, after the body was discovered , it was thought that i killed her. I was a docterate in Law and yet could not save myself and defend myself .
Next scene was near my death, i was taken to be hanged but i was no more afraid....My regret was that how come i could not save myself, when the rope was put around my neck, i told them that my last wish was that i would kick the stool myself and no one shld help me .........suddenly i was happy and smiling , Dr.Vandana asked me why are you smiling and i replied because i did not die of hanging, I died of a heart attack so it means God too knew i was innocent and did not let me die by hanging, i was so happy as my soul consious ness was now aware of me being innocent and was carrying no guilt. When i died i was burried and my grave stone read “ Dr.Christopher Ben” 19....-19.... which meant i died at the age of 38 .
After my death i moved up, i was a pure white light and moved up fast, saw all my soulmates again and i had learnt that life is just, no matter what happens God knows everything and he will do Justice. The master soul blessed me and then i knew i had to go back, I did not rest much.....
Dr.Raghuvanshi guided me to another life and i moved to another life...................
Second past life.....
This time i was in Canada:
I was a well dressed and educated man and loved my family, suddenly i saw a scene that there were Riots happening and i picked up both my kids, my son and daughter and was asking my wife to harry up as the villages was being attacked and they were killing people, my wife asked me to take the kids and leave and she would join me , she was supposed to come with the neighbours. I reached the main road and got into a cart/car with my son and daughter but the looks on the man driving that car/cart was very uncomfortable and i was just praying that he drops off to a safe place and has no wrong intentions.
After this i saw a scene were i was sad, When i asked to find the cause i realized that it was because i had lost my wife, she never came that day.
I was now living with my children and we were in USA, Dr.Vandana asked if i ever had any other woman in life and i replied no, i loved my wife. I was a very well dressed man , a very successful and respected business man yet very sad and aloof. Very lonely!
Next i saw was my death scene , i had died a very calm death, i knew it was time for me to go, so i had dressed in my best gray suit, wore my hat and even shoes and lay down in my bed and i was gone. There was ahuge gathering at the church , my children and their families were there too, my daughter had come from some place far away.
After i moved up, i was a pure white light, i moved up and i saw my wife, she was my soulmate, waiting for me, we joined each other and master soul blessed us and my soulmate assured me that we would be together in the next life.
It was such a blissful feeling ......................Now i knew why i was so scared of moving to Canada, as i had lost a soulmate in that land.
thank you Dr.Raghuanshi !!!!